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The IT + Innovation Division is responsible for the technology that is needed to facilitate the learning, teaching and business functions of the students, faculty & staff. Our everyday duties include: developing, supporting and maintaining applications, servers, routers, phones and media equipment. We also help individuals to be successful with technology.

One of our functions is to innovate. This involves looking to the future, gathering information on trends and creating elegant solutions to solve the real-world technology issues of the UCC Campus.

Contact Us

Lorrie Ranck
(541) 440-4707

Administrative Assistant
Kimberlie Veysey
(541) 440-4676

Help Desk
Bob Sanders
(541) 440-7808


Latest Major Projects

Emergency Alert Notification System
Learning Management System Review
Website Redesign
Wireless Upgrade
Switch Refresh
Computer Refresh
Single Sign-On Authentication
Google Mail & Google Apps Redesign