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Dr. Joe Olson, UCC PresidentOn behalf of the students and staff, I want to welcome you to Umpqua Community College. We hope you are able to find most of the answers to your questions from our website. However, we always welcome your questions or calls. One of the wonderful things you’ll find at UCC is the ability to connect with faculty and staff. You will also find a campus that is not only considered to be one of the most picturesque campuses on the west coast, but one that is welcoming and responsive to your needs. In spite of the sometimes unpleasant Oregon weather, we hope you take the time to enjoy one of our fountains, walk the trail along the river, or sit at one of our overlooks to talk with friends and other students.

We are confident you will find a close working relationship between students and college staff. We are proud that the ASUCC and college leadership will be working on important student and campus issues. Over the course of the summer, students played an active role in providing input to the Board of Trustees on the appropriate use and level of student fees. Together with the administration, our students are partnering to increase our level of cultural competencies and student success. These are two very important issues to our entire campus community. We are also confident you will find the administration and student government leadership open to your comments and criticism. And more importantly, that you have a role in the future of our college.

We make ourselves available at any time, our phone numbers and email contact forms are located on our contact pages. You will also find us quite visible on campus, whether it be walking the grounds or meeting informally in the student center. Please don’t hesitate to initiate a personal greeting.

All of my best to you and warmest regards,

Dr. Joe Olson
UCC President


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