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    Julie Green - Painting

    Disjecta announces twenty-five statewide venues.

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Portland2016 Biennial at the Art Gallery

Julie Green - Painting

Disjecta announces twenty-five statewide venues.

PORTLAND, Oregon - Venues such as the historic Astor Hotel in Astoria, Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, and Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts on the Umatilla Indian Reservation are included among twenty-five exhibition spaces across the state that form Disjecta Contemporary Art Center’s groundbreaking Portland2016 Biennial.

Internationally renowned artist-curator Michelle Grabner selected thirty-four artists and artist-teams who will exhibit at wide-ranging venues from Ashland and Clatskanie to Madras and La Grande between July 9 and September 18. Mirroring the geographic span of the artists——thirteen are from outside Portland——Disjecta’s Biennial will engage sites across Oregon, making the project accessible to larger and more diverse audiences, while also encouraging visitors to travel between and explore host communities.

At the heart of Grabner’s vision is her investigation into regionalism, particularly how artists working in specific locations often reflect their geography and culture; and more broadly, how these local dynamics impact the global art world in a time of decentralization. During Grabner’s research, which included visits to 107 artists’ studios, she and Disjecta looked at potential exhibition sites, ranging from university galleries to museums, vacant storefronts, early 20th-century vaudeville theaters, garages, and libraries. “New and alternative exhibition contexts always present a challenge for artists. It is important to me that the artists I selected to represent the

Portland2016 Biennial are offered an opportunity to grow and expand their creative process, to engage new audiences and exhibition sites,” Grabner says.

Grabner’s choice of artists——a mix of mid-career to emerging, working in a variety of media that encompass installation, film/video, sound, painting, craft, and social-based practice——is supported by her carefully-considered venue pairings. “We’ve always imagined the Biennial as a statewide event—a way to encourage cultural exchange,” says Disjecta Director Bryan Suereth. “Michelle’s interest in geographic proclivities made this an opportune year to expand the footprint of the exhibition. It serves a dual purpose; while celebrating the great art being made throughout the state, it also elevates the unique landscapes and communities of Oregon.”

Disjecta’s 3,000-square-foot main gallery will host Salon: Portland2016, The Studio Visits, an expansive exhibition of 106 artists that were selected out of over 400 applicants for a studio visit from Grabner (including the 34 artists featured in Portland2016). Visitors will gain an overview of Oregon’s current artistic production, observe thematic connections (or the lack thereof) among the larger body of works, and get a sense of Grabner’s own process. She describes the exhibition as “a curatorial index that celebrates the broad spectrum of art-making in Oregon and illuminates the research and selection process.”

The following venues and artists form the Portland2016 Biennial (artist allocations are subject to change):

PORTLAND Disjecta Contemporary Art Center Main Gallery: Salon: Portland2016, The Studio Visits, features 106 of the artists who received studio visits from Michelle Grabner during her research for the Biennial. Outdoor: Jack Ryan and Chi Wang, Eugene Flex Space: Rick Silva, Eugene Performance: Weird Fiction

Broadway Lobby Gallery, College of the Arts, Portland State University
Tannaz Farsi, Eugene

Carla Bengston, Eugene
Bruce Burris, Corvallis
Colin Kippen, Portland

Cherry and Lucic
Cherry and Lucic

Cooley Gallery Case Works Program, Reed College Library
Rick Silva, Eugene

Hoffman Gallery at Oregon College of Art and Craft
Howard Fonda, Portland
Ellen McFadden, Portland

Muscle Beach
Lisa Radon, Portland

Project Grow
Colin Kippen, Portland

Public Access TV
Julia Calabrese and Emily Bernstein, Portland

White Box at the University of Oregon in Portland
Anya Kivarkis, Eugene
Whitney Minthorn, Pendleton
Ryan Woodring, Portland

Schneider Museum of Art
Mike Bray, Eugene
David Eckard, Portland
Brenna Murphy, Portland
Storm Tharp, Portland
Giles Lyon, Portland

Astor Hotel Lobby
Avantika Bawa, Portland

Royal Nebeker Art Gallery, Clatsop Community College
Jack Featherly, Portland
Julia Oldham, Eugene

The Gallery at Pinckney Center, Central Oregon Community College
David Bithell, Ashland

Hazen Hardware Building
Heidi Schwegler, Portland

Art Center East
Jack Ryan & Chi Wang, Eugene
Avantika Bawa, Portland

Liberty Theatre
Ryan Woodring, Portland
Julia Calabrese and Emily Bernstein, Portland

Art Adventure Gallery
Pat Boas, Portland
Jon Raymond, Portland

Linfield Gallery, Linfield College
Donald Morgan, Eugene
Rebecca Peel, Portland

Christian Science Reading Room
Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Portland

Rivoli Theatre
Charlene Liu, Eugene
Brenna Murphy, Portland

The Art Gallery at Umpqua Community College
Julie Green, Corvallis

Salem Art Association / Bush Barn
Art Center Pat Boas, Portland
Michael Lazarus, Portland

Morin Print Building
Midori Hirose, Portland
Tannaz Farsi, Eugene

Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts
Charlene Liu, Eugene

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