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    July 24 - August 4, three musical plays on three different stages of the UCC campus.

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    Women's Volleyball Team

    Learn all aspects of the game.

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    2014 Conference on Extraordinary Living

    Join us for the 2014 Conference on Extraordinary Living!


Long Exposure Photography

photographerDiscover or strengthen your passion of nature photography with this new class! 

Capture a sunset, the motion of stars, flowing water, light trails, and fireworks. Meet at the Workforce Training Center and drive to Camas Valley, Melrose, and Myrtle Creek for short hikes and great photo opportunities. You must be familiar with your camera's manual settings or have taken the DSLR-Introduction to Manual Photography class. Bring your owner's manual, a 2-pound bag of pinto beans, tri-pod, and headlamp or flashlight. A DSLR or manual control camera is needed; a remote shutter release is recommended. Instructor: R. Lapke.

CRN: 14285
Date/Day/Time: 7-10 pm, Friday, 7/18-7/25 AND 7-10 pm, Saturday, 7/26
Place: Workforce Training Center 14, 2555 NE Diamond Lake, Roseburg
Class Fee: $49

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