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The forms and publications listed below include all that would be commonly used by the general public to apply for admission to the college and to research course information.

All forms listed here are in PDF format and require the use of the Adobe Reader to view.

Table of Contents

Academic Calendar

Class Schedule

Course Catalog

Final Exam Schedule

Student Resources

Complaint Process



Student Accounts

Financial Aid

International Students


Academic Calendar

Current Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar Summer 2014 - Spring 2015

Academic Calendar Summer 2013 - Spring 2014

Academic Calendar Summer 2012 - Spring 2013

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Class Schedule

Current Class Schedule

Fall 2015 Class Schedule

Summer 2015 Class Schedule

Spring 2015 Class Schedule

Winter 2015 Class Schedule

Fall 2014 Class Schedule

Summer 2014 Class Schedule

Spring 2014 Class Schedule

Winter 2014 Class Schedule

Fall 2013 Class Schedule

Summer 2013 Class Schedule

Spring 2013 Class Schedule

Winter 2013 Class Schedule

Fall 2012 Class Schedule

Summer 2012 Class Schedule

Spring 2012 Class Schedule

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Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedule

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Course Catalog

Current Course Catalog

2014-2015 Course Catalog

2013-2014 Course Catalog

2012-2013 Course Catalog

2011-2012 Course Catalog

2010-2011 Course Catalog

2009-2010 Course Catalog

Note: If you require information from an earlier version of the catalog, please contact Enrollment Services by calling (541) 440-4604.

Student Resources

UCC and local area resources for students

Student Complaint Processes

Student Instructional Informal Complaint Process

Student Conduct Incident Report

Student of Concern Form

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Budget and Finance

Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Fiscal Year 2009-2010

Fiscal Year 2008-2009

Fiscal Year 2007-2008

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Admissions/Records/Registration Forms

Academic Standards Committee Appeal Form

Academic Standards Committee Appeal Process

Add-Drop / Schedule Change Form

Address Change Form

Change in Graduation Status

Change of Major Form 

Course Audit Request Form

Course Challenge

Course Repeat Request

Diploma Reprint Request

Graduation Evaluation Application

High School Tuition Waiver Discount Application

International Student Applications

Late Withdrawal

Petition to Complete UCC Degree Requirements at Another Institution

Release of Information

Substitution Petition

Transcript Evaluation Request

Transcript Request for Other Colleges/Military

UCC Transcript Order Form

Withhold Directory Information Request

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Student Accounts

About NelNet

Direct Deposit Form

Student Self Service & Email Login Instructions

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Financial Aid

Book Allowance Request Form

Child Care Cost Add-On Worksheet

Financial Aid Appeal Form

Financial Aid Booklet and Student Award Guide

Financial Aid Literacy Seminar

High Debt/Prior Default Worksheet

How to check your requirements in Student Self Service

Loan Limitations Information

Loan Processing Steps

Loan Request & Revision Form

Return to Title IV Funds Policy

Statement of High School Status

Terms and Conditions

Title IV Funds Acceptance Instructions

Title IV Funds DECLINE Form

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2015 - 2016 Financial Aid Forms

Asset Worksheet

Child Support Paid

Consortium Agreement

Dependency Status

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose - UCC

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose - Notary

Income Clarification - Parent

Income Clarification - Student/Spouse

Proof of Dependent Support

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


Special Circumstances Request

Student Budget

Title IV Acceptance Instructions - 15/16 only

Verification Worksheet - Dependent

Verification Worksheet - Independent

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Financial Aid - Veteran Services

Veterans General Information

Veterans Information Letter

Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation - Form 28-1900

Dependents' Request for Change of Program or Place of Training - Form 22-5495

Request for Change of Program or Place of Training - Form 22-1995

Application for VA Education Benefits - Form 22-1990

Dependents' Application for VA Education Benefits - Form 22-5490

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Financial Aid - Work-Study

Work-Study Student Guidelines

Form W-4 (2015)

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verfication Form

Work-Study Background Check Release

Work-Study Time Sheet 2015 - 2016

Work-Study Supervisor Guidelines

Work-Study Job Request

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International Admissions Forms

International Admissions Application Checklist

Application for International Student Admissions

Academic Agreement

Sample Budget

Financial Statement

Educational Background Chart

Health Information & Physical Exam

Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status for Colleges & Universities

Notice of Intent to Transfer

On-Campus Employment Guidelines

Off-Campus Employment Guidelines

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Finance Office Forms

Credit Card Purchase Summary Form

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Other Forms

UCC Job Application

UCC Public Records Request

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