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File Folders

Most web editors will, at some point, need to upload a picture or a PDF file to the web server. The upload process is one of the first steps that will enable you to use a picture or PDF file on your web page.

First of all, uploading is the process that transfers your picture or PDF file from your computer to the website.

You probably organize your files that you use for work on your computer. You may have a number of file folders to store various types of files. The same is true for the website. When the new website was being designed, a lot of time was devoted to the file folder structure. In fact, the menus on the website, in a general sense, follow the file folder structure. It would make sense to become familiar with the structure so that when you store files, they stay organized. In order to get the concept, let's consider an example.

Great Teaching Seminar
Let's say you want to add a picture to the web pages of the Great Teaching Seminar. Where would you store the picture? Assuming the picture is web-ready and residing on your computer ...

  1. Notice that on the UCC website that the Great Teaching Seminar pages are located in the top menu under RESOURCES & SERVICE > FACULTY & STAFF.
  2. Login to edit and then navigate to the web page that you can edit.
  3. Click the Edit link at the bottom of the page. 
  4. Click the Insert / Edit Image icon . insert-edit-image A dialog box will open.
  5. Notice in the image below that the file storage structure begins with a folder called ROOT and that there is a folder located at ROOT > RESOURCES-SERVICES > FACULTY-STAFF > GREAT-TEACHING-SEMINAR.

Media Manager

You have found the folder for storing images that will go on the Great Teaching Seminar pages! In most cases, the file folder organization of the website follows the home top and right-side menus. Can't find your file folder? Ask.

Now what?
Click the Upload button. Upload Drag and drop your image or select the image to be uploaded by clicking "Browse". Click "Upload". You did it! 

What about PDFs?
PDF files are stored in the downloads folder. Uploading PDFs is handled with the Link tool Link Tool in much the same way as picture uploads.

Important: In most cases, you WILL NOT have to create any new folders for your files. Need help? Ask.

Questions? Contact Web Services.