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    Applications for scholarships will be accepted September 8-23.

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Money for College!


Applications for scholarships will be accepted September 8-23.

The UCC Foundation is encouraging all new and current UCC students with a GPA of 2.0 or greater to apply for scholarship funds for the 2014-15 academic year. During this round, there is about $250,000 available! Much of the funds are from local sources.

What can you do to be ready to apply?

  1. After applying to UCC (new students), download and fill out our generic scholarship application. It will help you to gather everything you need for the online application that will be available September 8-23.
  2. Order your transcripts. Coming to UCC from high school? Order your high school transcripts. Already a UCC student? Order your UCC transcripts.
  3. Fill out the FAFSA application. You will need the FAFSA confirmation that shows your EFC (expected family contribution). Your UCC award letter from Financial Aid will also work.
  4. Gather two email addresses of people who can serve as a reference for you. We do not recommend friends and family is not allowed. Your reference can be an employer, teacher, coach, community leader, etc. These people will receive an email asking them to fill out a short online survey about you. Please let them know that they may have to check their junk folder for this email message.

During the September 8-23 application window, the link below will become active. Click on it and fill out the online application. The system will automatically match you to the many scholarship opportunities that are available.

Special Note: There are a number of specific scholarship opportunities for Fire Science and Automotive students. If you are one or will be one, we especially encourage you to apply.


Contact Krista Johnson at 541-440-7674

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